• Overview


    We have created several clubs that students can participate in for no additional charge.
    The Clubs are Creative, Design, Singing, Acting and Dance. Each group will Learn, Create, and Lead.
    Clubs will meet on Monday, and Wednesday afternoons and will showcase what they have been preparing on Friday during Fresh Start.
    Students can get information about each club and do a trial run to decide which club they would like to participate in for the quarter.

  • Creative


    In the Creative Club, students will plan and prepare activities for the aftercare center. They will also be responsible for creating ice breaker games, messages, and spearheading all aspects of the weekly Fresh Start program held every Friday.
  • Singing / Acting

    Singing / Acting

    The Singing / Acting Club will learn musical terms, do sight reading, work on stage presence, and simple dance moves.
    They will lead all groups through song during Fresh Start every Friday.
  • Design


    The Design Club will explore different ways of achieving art through, sculpting, painting, and drawing. They will be taught basic history and various types of creative expression through art. The student’s art will also be showcased on Friday's during Fresh Start.
  • Fresh Start

    Fresh Start

    Is a student led, high energy character development program that happens on Friday afternoons. Students learn Pure Values and the program runs about 30-45 minutes. Each club gets to participate by contributing what they have put together during their group time. The groups will also showcase their work at Club Pure events.


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High Praise
Pure Experience
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