• B-Nerdz

    B-Nerdz is the NAME and BRAND of our dance teams at Pure Studios.

    B-Nerdz Jr. (Pre-Performing Arts)
    Ages Group 5-7 years or older with little or no experience in dance or theatre.
    2 Days Per Week (1-Hour Workshops)

    B-Nerdz Sr. (Performing Arts)
    Ages 8 years and older with a prior basic foundation in dance or higher-level training in the arts.
    2 Days Per Week (4 Hours of Training)

    The Commitment
    Participation requires that both parents and cast members commit to the following;

    B-Nerdz Jr.
    Commit to all weekly workshops and rehearsals, Easter production, and Christmas production.

    Commit to all weekly workshops and rehearsals, Easter production, and Christmas production.

    Optional: Dance Revolution


    B-Appropriate - Uphold Appropriate Behavior.
    B-Unified -
    Have a Positive Attitude.
    B-Dedicated -
    Attend Every Practice and Performance.
    B-Attentive -
    Always Follow Direction.

  • About Pure Studios

    The Pure Studios Performing Arts Program has been designed to boost each individual's self-poise, confidence, and performance in an encouraging, workshop-type environment. We do this by incorporating our CORE VALUES as a foundation to everything we teach, in our classes, performances, events, and productions. We focus on ALL facets of the ARTS offering various Styles of Dance and Theatre Training which encompasses, Voice & Body, Theatre & Performance Technique, Stretching & Strengthening, Anatomy, Rhythm & Beat. This program provides all the training skills needed for your child to become a well-rounded performer. This year we have some great things planned and an action-packed season ahead.

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    We invite you to come visit our centers or if you're ready to get signed up, click the application link at the bottom of this page.

  • Core Values

    ∞ Living a Disciplined Lifestyle with Endurance

    ∞ Serving in Excellence

    ∞ Creating Moments to See God at Work

    ∞ Celebrating Life with Passion

    ∞ Inspiring Dreams

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Its our mission to ignite a love for the arts in the hearts of every student in the program.