• About Pure Preschool

    Club Pure Preschool is a fantastic family oriented facility that inspires and encourages children to creatively explore our world. We specialize in practices such as Conscious Discipline, Project Approach, and Baby Doll Circle Time. All of these are fundamental in providing an atmosphere that supports the proper growth and development across all ages.

    Conscious Discipline is used throughout our classrooms to teach and support children during emotional trials. They are taught how to self-regulate and communicate their feelings.

    Locations and Services

    • Port Saint Lucie location offers childcare for infants through 4 years and VPK.
    • Fort Pierce location offers childcare for 2 years - 4 years and VPK.

    Our primary goal is to love on your children and our staff do an excellent job in providing a well-balanced environment of structure and love. Call 772-429-0031 to speak with a director about availability.

  • Teaching Styles

    Project Approach
    Along with the creative curriculum that we use in our VPK program, we also offer project approach in our classrooms. This is where the children are able to connect local and global communities through first-hand observations and hands-on experience. The children construct their own knowledge and the teachers simply facilitate and guide the process. This provides an environment that fully dives into real world topics, it develops excitement, interaction, and engages children in the learning experience.

    Baby-Doll Circle Time
    For our infant-3 year old classes we use a curriculum called Baby Doll Circle Time. This is a program that goes hand in hand with Conscious Discipline practices but gives the children more hands-on experience building empathy and encouraging familiarity with emotions. Each child is given their own baby and through songs and games, the children are taken through steps to help build their awareness, connect, and assist them with transitioning.

  • VPK

    Voluntary Prekindergarten or VPK gives children a jump start by preparing them for school and enhancing their pre-reading, pre-math, language, and social skills. By developing the skills children need to become strong readers they are more likely to be academically successful in school. Our VPK Classroom offers a quality environment that includes high literacy standards, developmentally appropriate curricula (Handwriting without tears) manageable classroom sizes and qualified teachers.

    If your child is 4 years of age by Sept. 1st your child is eligible for FREE VPK. Club Pure offers a different schedule for VPK classes.

    VPK Wrap
    This package is for parents who need before and after VPK Care. We offer a great program with small class ratios, performing arts programs and sibling discounts. This program is available at both our Fort Pierce and Port Saint Lucie locations.

  • Behavior Policy

    Correcting and redirecting children is a daily part of our teachers responsibilities. Our primary goal is to lay a foundation that prepares your preschooler for elementary school. We encourage children to use their words and express themselves, but there are times when children do not listen, misbehave and disrupt the learning environment.

    When a child is having a problem in the classroom:

    Staff will try to redirect child from negative behavior.
    Staff will always use positive methods and language while redirecting and correcting children.
    Staff will consistantly praise appropriate behavior and apply consequences for rules.
    Child will be given verbal warnings and time to regain control.
    Child’s disruptive behavior will be documented and maintained in confidentiality.
    Parent/gardian will be notified verbally and through incident reports of their child’s disruptive behavior.
    The director, classroom staff and parent/guardian will have a conference to discuss how to promote positive behavior.

    Actions that will lead to a child’s expulsion from the program:

    Parental Actions
    Failure to pay weekly tuition / habitual late payments. (Does not apply to VPK Program)
    Failure to complete and submit required forms, including immunization records.
    Failure to follow through with correcting and redirecting negative behavior at home.
    Physical harm threats, verbal abuse or intimidating actions toward staff members.

    Child’s Actions
    Uncontrollable tantrums and angry outburts.
    Ongoing physical abuse to staff or other children.
    Unable to toilet train in completion of the two year old program.
    Failure of a child to adjust negative behavior after a reasonable amount of time.

Now Enrolling Infants Through VPK!

Most days that schools are closed, we are open! Take a look at our programs and register or book a tour of our facilities today!