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  • Club Pure Summer Camp runs 9 weeks from Monday, June 7 - Wednesday, August 4, 2021.

    Summer Programs
    * Jr. Camp - VPK Students
    * Kids Camp - Elementary School
    * Teen Camp - Middle School
    * Performing Arts Camp - 8 Years & Older (Limited Space)
    * CIT Program - High School (Job Readiness)

    Club Pure offers 2 types of Summer Packages
    Full Summer Package
    This package is designed for parents looking for the full 9 weeks of care over summer. You are guaranteed a spot for your child every week, selecting the full summer package gives you a $10 discount on weekly tuition. There is a $100 cancellation fee for any reason.

    Pick-n-Choose Package
    This is a flexible package that allows parents to select the weeks they would like their child to attend. Weeks cannot be swapped once selected and you will be responsible for tuition if your child attends or not (for any reason). This package requires a $25 non-refundable deposit for each week selected.

    Registration Fees
    Jr. Camp Registration Fee - $10.00 includes 1 Camp T-Shirt.
    Kids Camp Registration Fee - $30.00 includes 1 Camp T-Shirt.
    Teen Camp Registration Fee - $160.00 includes 3 Camp T-Shirt, Boating & Jet Ski Fee.

    Full Summer Package Weekly Tuition
    Jr. Camp Tuition $125 per child per week
    Kids Camp Tuition $135 per child per week
    Teen Camp Tuition $145 per child per week

    Pick n Choose Package Weekly Tuition
    Jr. Camp - Not Available for this age group
    Kids Camp Tuition $145 per child per week
    Teen Camp Tuition $145 per child per week

    Summer Theme
    Survivor: Stranded in different places every week, tribes have to overcome the survival challenges they encounter which include endurance, thinking, creative and team challenges. Tribes are competing against each other to win the immunity necklace. It's going to be an action packed summer and tons of fun.

    Other Types of Activities: inflatable games, water activities, game stations, arts, crafts, themed parties, onsite expos, competitions, dress-up days, movies on the big screens, and much more.

    Summer Field Trips 2021: Club Pure offers the most exciting field trips possible and Jr. Campers will begin to explore field trips to local places. (weather permitting). Field Trip locations include Skate Town, Sailfish Splash, Indian River Aquatic Center, Urban Air, Rush, Lunch at Benihana, Movies, Fort Pierce Inlet, Chucky Cheese, Fountains, Local Parks, and other places like these. Teens field trips also go to escape rooms, jet skiing, boating, Club Med, and horse back riding. Once you register you will receive a detailed summer calendar.

    There are two Club Pure Locations for Summer Camp: Edwards Road in Fort Pierce and US1 near PSL Blvd.

    What you need to bring in a backpack DAILY
    1. A water bottle that can be refilled at the water stations.
    2. A change of clothing (just in case)
    3. Sunscreen and a Towel

    *ALL campers must wear close toe shoes.
    *All campers must wear a Club Pure Camp Shirt on Field Trips.
    *Please write your child's name on all their property.

    Lunch Program
    We provide breakfast, lunch, and a snack. There will be a menu letting you know what is being served. You can pack a lunch and snack for your child if they are picky eaters.

    Snack Shack
    We have a snack shack open daily. You can send money with your child or ask the front desk to keep your child's money in an envelope for safekeeping.

    Other Information
    *Facilities will be closed Today July 5 in observance of July 4.
    *Only $110 for last week of camp / Closed August 5-9 to prepare center for new school year. *Please refer to the financial agreement for detailed information concerning tuition and payments.
    *Additional T-Shirts are $10.00 each.
    *Students are required to have a Water Bottle every day (Available for $1)

    Registration Forms
    1. Summer EZ App: Use this form if you are currently enrolled and will continue services through the summer.
    2. Summer Application: Use this form if you have a new student you are registering for the first time.
    *To access registration forms click "Register Here" button below

    *We try to keep the website information up to date, in the event of a discrepancy please refer to the summer package that you signed as your official contract.

    Please Note: Club Pure Members who attend our before and after school care program are not guaranteed a spot in the summer camp program. It's a separate contract and new documentation must be completed. There is a new 1 page EZ application for current members.

    Register Here

    Summer Camp
  • Club Pure Counselor in Training, Job Readiness Program

    Are you ready to be a CIT? Applicants should ask themselves the following questions:

    • Do I have a sincere desire to work with children?
    • Would I like the opportunity to develop and improve my leadership ability?
    • Do I enjoy learning in a hands-on environment?
    • Is an out-of-doors work experience right for me?
    • Am I ready to become a role model for younger children?
    • Can I handle the responsibility of being a counselor?
    • Am I ready to put students’ needs ahead of my own?
    • Am I ready to create camp magic?
    • Do I have the ability to work well with others in a variety of situations?

    If the applicant answered yes to the above questions, then the CIT program may be an opportunity to gain valuable experience in a fun-filled environment.

    Eligibility In order to be considered, applicants must be in between the ages of 15-16. They must be a responsible, polite and eager to learn. Suspensions and GPA’s below 2.5 are not permitted. Each applicant must also submit two letters of recommendation at time of interview. Examples of appropriate references include but not limited to; teachers, pastors, coaches, etc. References from any relatives will not be accepted.

    Stipend Incentive During the course of our CIT program, each applicant will have the opportunity to earn up to $50.00 per week based on weekly evaluations. The maximum amount of weeks for the stipend is 5 weeks.

    CIT Program runs 9 weeks from Monday, June 7 - Wednesday, August 4, 2021.

    Registration Fees and Weekly Tuition
    CIT Registration Fee - $50.00 includes 3 CIT T-Shirts.
    Weekly Tuition: $15 per child per week (covers training materials and field trip costs)

    Club Pure has 2 Locations;
    Port Saint Lucie, and Fort Pierce.
    CIT's can select any of the 2 locations as their training center.

    Please download the application and call our main office on 772-429-0031 to setup a CIT interview.

    Register Here

    CIT Program
  • Club Pure Winter Camp 2018 / December 26-28 and January 2-4.
    Club Pure will be closed on December 24-25 and December 31 - January 1, 2019.

    Adventure Land : Outdoor Adventures, Treasure Hunt.
    Candy Land: Food and Candy Crafts
    Fantasy Land: Arts & Crafts
    Ice Land: Ice Games, Brain Freeze, Frozen T-Shirt, Winter Olympics
    Invention Land: Imagination Station, STEAM Activities
    Field Trips: ICE! Gaylord Palms in Orlando and Ice Skating in WPB

    Counselor Planned Activities in the afternoons.
    Activities can include but are not limited to Indoor and outdoor activities, inflatable games, video game stations, board games, sports; basketball, scooters, dodge ball competitions. Ask your site director for the specific activities planned for this winter camp.

    Hours: We are open from 6:30am - 6:30pm.
    Cost: No registration or activity fee.
    Weekly Rate: $75.00/child per week.
    Field Trip Fee: TBD
    Basic Members: Pay regular weekly rate +$20.00 and field trip fees.
    Plus Members: pay regular weekly rate plus field trip fees.

    Register Here

    Winter Camp
  • Spring Camp / March 16-20
    No Registration Fee (Save $25)
    Weekly Tuition Per Child: $100.00 includes activities and field trip
    Bonus Field Trip (optional): Andretti Thrill Park & Lunch: Pizza and Drink ($35.00)

    Racing to Win!
    In addition to our field trips and activities, we are partnered with PepUp Tech and Silverline to offer a STEM program for students 8+ designed around racing. Students will be building their own lego race cars and compete on a thirty-foot multi-car race track. Best time Wins!

    Performing Arts Program / Aladdin
    Cast will participate in a week of focused performing arts training and prepartion which includes dance, acting, singing, arts, and crafts, (creating props and backdrops).
    Performance: Cast will perform at a Pure Event on Saturday, April 4th 2020 / 2:00pm - 5:00pm.
    Additional Costume/Production Fee Applies: TBD

    Daily Activities Include
    Arts & crafts, inflatables, team challenges, game room, movies on the big screen, planned indoor and outdoor activities
    Field Trip schedules vary by age groups and locations, see your site director for more detailed information.

    Other Information
    *Please refer to the financial agreement for additional information.
    *Club Pure T-Shirts are to be worn when going on Field Trips - $10 Each.
    *Spots are limited and preference is given to club members and their siblings.

    Register Here

    Spring Camp